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Pass Drug Test with Golden Seal:

Drug test can become daunting, because if you fail, it results in emotional grief, embarrassment as well as loss of job. Moreover, in past few years, drug tests have become mandatory in federal organizations. Some universities, schools and health centers also conduct random drug test to keep the students and employees away from drugs.

The only way to beat this hassle is to mask the drug. It means even if your body contains drug, the outcome of the test will be negative.

You can make use of golden seal, which is an herbal product to help mask the drugs in the urine or blood sample, and gives the outcome of drug test as negative.

What Is Golden Seal And How Does It Help To Pass A Test?

Golden seal is a typical plant that bears broad leaves. These leaves have medicinal uses, but in present days bio-researchers concluded that, golden seal products help to beat the drug test too. The ingredients present in the golden seal coverts the marijuana contents such as THC from fat-soluble metabolites into water-soluble metabolites.

Golden seal products are available in certain herbal stores. You can also obtain golden seal powder by placing the order at an online store. If you have bought powder products, take one teaspoon of golden seal product, two or three times in a day.

You need to start consuming golden seal products, when the speculated drug test is seven or eight days away. If drug test is three days away, then you will have to take large quantity of powder. It may make you feel weird, because it also cleanses the blood. So, never consume more than 18 teaspoon of this golden seal powder in a day.

Too much of this product is very bad for body. Take it before having meal, tea or coffee, because it will help the powder to get in the system. Take it for few days and you will pass any drug test eventually.


Each year, millions of individuals are required to pass several types of drug tests. The aim of drug tests is to screen individuals, who use banned or illegal drugs. These tests help to determine drug amounts in people and possibly employers refuse jobs for such individuals in their firms.

However, what if you snort drugs accidentally or consume medicines to cure ailment that contains banned drugs. If you are taking medicines without a doctor's prescription, then it will be tougher for you pass a drug test. The reason is while filling the lab form for a drug test you will be required to furnish the details of medicines you are taking.

The lab authorities may ask you to furnish proofs of your diseases or conditions, and in such case if you do not provide them with a physician' prescription, then you will land in serious trouble. Some times, you may also have to face legal hassles. In such cases, you may rely on golden seal products, as they will help you to pass the drug test, if taken cautiously.