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Beat Marijuana Drug Test

Written on 06 Nov 2012 at 11:27 pm

How to Beat Marijuana Drug Test

How to Beat Marijuana Drug Test

is not to do drugs at all or at least lay off them for a while before testing. The problem will occur when an employee random drug test is done but even when an advanced notice is given drug testing can detect drugs for days to weeks, depending on the drug, frequency of use, specimen and test type, metabolism, and other factors.
Marijuana use may be detected for up to 4-5 weeks. There are many techniques floating around on how to beat marijuana test and for flushing your body free of these drug or tricking the tests by loading up on herbs, seeds, certain foods, magic detoxifier pills, coffee or drinking water
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Drinking lots of water is one way on how to beat marijuana test but you have to urinate as often as you can before the actual test. The first urine of the day contains the highest concentration of contaminant particles. While you can’t realistically detoxify your body of all signs of marijuana use in a short period of time, you can temporarily do so, in your urine by flushing your system also the adjustment of your sleep cycle helps .e.g. getting up earlier will let you squeeze in more trips to the bathroom before the test. If necessary, stay up all night and drink water.
Studies also show that if you take 4 aspirin 4-6 hours before you test, it interferes with EMIT drug screening, masking certain parts of the spectrum that urine testing checks.

If you are clueless and asking how to beat marijuana test, then eating foods rich in protein like red meat will slightly increase creatinine hence increase validity of ones urine. Creatinine is a substance in urine, its level drops below normal when people dilute their urine. Labs test creatinine levels to ensure that the sample is valid and the subject didn’t drink unusual amounts of water.
Taking the drug detox will help detoxify your body, then test yourself at home to make sure your urine is clean hence after such results be sure that you shall pass a drug test successfully.
Lots of exercise helps on how to beat marijuana test. As we know, THC is stored in fat cells but when you do some exercises you eventually burn the fat and release THC byproducts into the blood and urine that goes out while you cleansing your system. But it is important to stop burning fat cells near test time like 48 hours before the test takes place. On test day, it doesn’t matter what’s in your lipid tissue or what’s in your blood the only thing that matters is what your urine contains.

Another method on how to beat marijuana test is by buying synthetic urine and substituting your urine with synthetic one. This works very well if you’re not supervised. If all means fail then our Supreme klean total body cleanser should be the perfect answer to test negative.
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