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Getting Through Hair Drug Test

Written on 14 Feb 2015 at 01:33 am

There are several tests that you might be asked to give when applying for any kind of position in companies. This initiative is taken so as to maintain the good work environment. There are various kinds of tests, like blood test, urine test, hair follicle drug test, mouth swab drug test. Hair drug test is one of the toughest tests to beat. There are various ways which people try to pass hair drug test.

Different ways to pass a hair sample drug test:

When you get a notice about the drug test, it should be made clear to you that what kind of test you are supposed to give. If it is hair drug test then you need to prepare yourself for the test in advance.

  • You can easily beat the hair drug test, if your test is organised within 2 weeks of your drug ingestion then it is very easy to pass it. As the drugs get deposited on the hair shaft through the blood vessels of the brain, which takes at least 2 weeks to detect the toxins on the hair strands.
  • How to pass a hair sample drug test is not a difficult question to answer if you know the basic logic behind checking the hair follicles. When there is ingestion of drugs, these drugs get deposited in the body in form of metabolites which then through the nerves reach to the hair shaft and the fat cells.
  • Once these metabolites reach the hair shaft they can be easily detected. Then how to pass hair follicle drug test?


Here are few tricks to fake a hair follicle drug test:

  • As soon as you get to know about the test, go bald. As it would be easy for you to escape the test, and any other test would be easy to pass.
  • Using scientifically researched products is the best answer for how to beat drug test, as they guarantee to detox the body in few hours itself.
  • Using vinegar and dying hair is also good option but that doesn’t guarantee you to clear the test. As using such things can give the hint to authorities during test about trying to fake it.


So the basic thing is you should only use scientific products to clear the test, as it can even help you to solve your query of how to pass drug test in 2 days. Always be aware while using any kind of home remedy that might expose you during test of faking it, unlike scientific methods.

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