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Pass A Drug Test

Drug test has become a common phenomenon across the globe. Many companies perform drug tests on newly hired individuals or existing employees to assure a drug-free environment at workplace.

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Some prominent drug tests are:

  1. Urine test: There are two ways of checking it. A test card determines urgent results or the urine sample is sent to the laboratory to be checked with a gas analyzer.
  2. Hair follicle test: Hair test provides accurate results and helps in detecting the toxins present in the body for the past six months. People feel they may get away with this test by shaving off their head. Such people need to be aware that doctors may use the hair on the legs, underarm, arm or pubic hair.
  3. Saliva test: This is not a common test. The reason for this test being uncommon is that it is successful in detecting toxins present in the body since three to four days.

Steps To Pass Your Drug Test:

The easiest way to pass the drug test is to stay away from drugs that are detectable in the body. You may think passing a drug test is very difficult, but it is not. Toxins do not stay in the body for a very long time. Know the duration for which the toxins reside in your body. For this, you may take help of several drug timetables and drug tests available online.

  1. Keep a ready-made prescription: When you go for a medical examination, list the medications taken. This helps in easy detection of the medications. The best option may be disclosing the name of a medicine or food to the doctor that have reverse reaction to the drug present in the system. In addition, it may be a good idea to have a prescription as a proof.
  2. Diluted samples: Add water to the urine sample, and if the conditions under which the test performed are not strict enough, then dilute the sample on your own.
  3. Substitute the sample: Replace your urine sample some other person’s urine sample

Drug Testing Tips:

In case, you fail the drug test. Try your best to convince the examiner, that it is impossible to test positive for drugs.

For a saliva test, floss, gargle and brush your teeth thoroughly. In addition, avoid consuming any drug for 72 hours before the test.