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Instant Online Drug Test by PassUSA.com

We know how stressful drug testing could be so we created an accurate drug test to determine whether you would fail or pass your drug test. Use our online drug test to provide you with a rough estimate on whether you would fail or pass a drug test. Our online drug test will provide you with multiple recommended solutions for any failure or border line passing results.

Drug Detection Times for Passing a Drug Test

The most important rule when it comes to passing a drug test is to understand the drug detection times. The length of time any specific drug toxin will be detected in your body will vary from person to person. Detection of drugs are calculated based on the average healthy person and will vary depending on many different factors. These drug testing factors not only include the amount and frequency of drug use but also include overall health factors such as age, drug tolerance, metabolism speed and body weight. Our online drug test was created to help customers understand the many varying factors in each person that could influence your drug testing results and is not a substitute for a real drug test.

Recommended Detox Products

Your current situation will dictate which detox products you should use. If you have a scheduled drug test you will usually get away with using a masking product such as a detox drink, saliva detox mouthwash, and ultra cleanse shampoo. However if you have a random drug test you are better off staying completely clean and using a permanent detox product to drastically reduce and completely remove any illicit toxins in your system. For hair, we strongly recommend you checking out our guide for the Macujo Method. It is the only proven method of lowering and eradicating your toxin levels in the hair follicle.

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