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Home Drug Testing Kits

Nowadays there is a huge increase in urine drug tests in workplaces, sports, and federal organizations. Typical drug tests normally take place in a conventional laboratory setting, but a home drug test is much more contrary to those typical lab drug tests.

With rising demand for pre-employment drug test and casual drug tests for staffs, it is necessary for a person to undergo a laboratory drug test. However, with the availability of a drug test for home, you do not have to visit a lab for drug screening.

You can find several products in a drug test kit. Whether you are a frivolous or regular drug user, you may perform a home drug test to know the results of drug contents in your body.

home drug test can also be very useful for parents to know whether their kids are under the influence of dangerous drugs. Parents all over appreciate the secrecy of a drug test. You can perform this test in a similar way as of a conventional urine test method.

Advantages and Benefits of a home drug test

  • Less Time Consumption: Immediate screening and verifying eliminates delaying of more than three to four days in conventional laboratory results.
  • Cost-effective: You only need to pay a small fraction of total lab testing fees. Primary qualitative test results for drug metabolite and positive drug affirmation are available in cost effective way.
  • Quick Evidence: There is no stress or anxiety, as get results quickly.
  • Easy to Use: There is only a mere testing process with the subject's urine. In addition, it is a compact self-contained test, so there is no need of peripheral or special equipment. More beneficial, you do not have to train yourself many times before screening.
  • Precision: The accuracy level in these drug tests are usually in the 99%, as the in-built quality controls and variations offer the most precise outcomes for a single-step test. It also reduces forged positive results caused by user error.
  • Optical Display: Easy to understand results reduce the chances of fallacy.

Drug Test Home Kit - Overview

You have a variety of methods to passing a drug test with a home drug test kit. Employers often wish to go for home drug tests since it reduces the costs of routine lab drug testing. The usage of the drug testing market is flourishing greatly due to its obvious benefits.