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How to Pass a Drug Test

Blood drug tests are not commonly performed because of the cost and time which makes them unpractical for most drug testing situations. Usually a blood screen would be requested by insurance companies or jobs in which misconduct could be detrimental to the company. Blood tests are usually administered for accidents which may have been caused by substance intoxication to determine responsibility.

The most effective way to pass a blood drug test is through whole body detoxification. Completely cleaning your system by drinking a lot of water and being well hydrated while following a proper detox program. The detox programs will help loosen any toxins in your system while the water will help carry it out of your body through perspiration and frequently urinating. If you have high toxin levels for marijuana we recommend acting quick depending on when you will be drug tested as THC is stored in the fat cells of the human body and will require an effective detox program. Drinking water will lower the drug metabolite count by diluting the toxins but may not be enough for a blood test.

Factors Influencing your Blood Test

The time required to completely remove toxins from your system depends on factors of your physical build, mainly body weight and metabolism speed. Many people who face drug tests are unaware that long periods of drug use will require was for a long period of time. The regularity and frequency of use will also affect the outcome. The strength and amount of toxins ingested and the time since when the toxins were ingested also play a pivotal role in the results of the blood drug test. Products are available that help the system clean up, but it can take anywhere from 3 days to one week, depending on the above mentioned factors.

To pass the blood drug test, one must immediately stop all drug use, including medicines and unnecessary prescriptions. To help the detoxification of the system it is advisable to go through a program involving a special diet, regulated fluids, daily supplements, and a final detoxify solution to beat the blood drug test. Most programs are natural, safe and come with precise, easy-to-understand instructions and information about how the program works. So why let the blood drug test stand between you and your dreams?