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Alcohol Screen Tests

Responsible and moderate use of alcohol is part of every society in the world and to ensure this alcohol drug tests are used with increasing frequency. Alcohol drug testing is very easy and the equipment that is easy to handle and operate is devised for this purpose. Alcohol is a short term drug and withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, illness, followed by sweating, trembling, vomiting with elevated blood pressure, pulse and body temperature and dehydration.

Alcohol exhibits the most dangerous withdrawal of any drug with convulsions, and hallucinations. Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal and requires medical treatment, and more the reason for alcohol drug testing. Excessive use of alcohol negatively affects the quality of life and health, and timely detection of the problem through alcohol drug testing can go a long way in ensuring correction for the individual and safety of the community. A central nervous system depressant, alcohol affects every person differently, depending on the gender, physical factors, amount of food eaten and other medication, and the however the behavior may be, alcohol drug testing gives accurate results.

Methods Of Detection

Common alcohol drug tests are by the breath analyzer, which detects the ethyl alcohol in the blood that escapes through the lung tissue into the exhaled breath. A urine screen is also used for alcohol drug test. To successfully pass the alcohol drug test, one should abstain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours prior to attending for the test. Several cleansers and detoxification products are available that purge the system of alcohol and show positive results in the alcohol drug tests. Drinking more water and urinating more often can also make the alcohol drug test result positive.

Safety concerns

Alcohol is a nervous depressant and makes the person behave in an abnormal manner, and is dangerous for both the individual and the society at large. Alcohol drug tests are commonly used for employee and student screening. Drug detoxification formulas are available, that enable the user to effectively pass the alcohol drug test in less than one hour! While passing the alcohol drug test should be treated as a temporary reprieve with these detox formulas, alcoholism needs to be controlled at the root level with medical supervision and strong resolve of the user.

Alcohol abuse poses an increasing problem in the workplaces and in public, in the student and home front alike and is relatively easy to identify in an alcohol drug test. The most misused drug in human history, the problems caused by alcohol are the concern of business mangers and safety officers likewise, triggering the need for equipment for alcohol drug testing, especially when there is involvement of a vehicle or equipment that is heavy or sensitive in nature. The need for a reliable alcohol drug tests is evident, with 50% of automobile and industrial accidents due to alcohol.