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How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

The saliva drug test is a very common form of drug testing. If you are asked to take a saliva drug test, the best way to detox and prepare is drinking plain water and perspiring. This is especially true for those with high toxin levels and THC (marijuana) users. Toxins are stored in your fatty tissue which is in your skin. Drinking water and sweating is the only way to get clean or lower your drug metabolite count making it easier to mask whatever toxins are left. How fast you get clean depends on your fatty tissue count, speed of your metabolism, strength and amount of toxins ingested and for how long the toxins were ingested. We offer the absolute best detox products on the market to provide a delightful experience for passing a drug test.

Cotton Swab Drug Test

Cotton swab drug test is a very common method of testing, where a piece of foam is inserted in the mouth for several minutes and the sample is sent to the lab. As saliva is continuously secreted in the mouth, it will contain the traces of whatever the blood contains, as will every part of the body. The oral drug test is geared towards elimination of the same day quick fixes, or mouth washes, and gums that one can chew or any other form of masking product: the cotton swab drug test will contain drug metabolites from the saliva.

Benefits of cotton swab drug testing

Cotton swab drug testing is essentially a blood test as the technician is looking at the blood molecules in your saliva. With cotton swab drug testing, one cannot dilute or tamper with the specimen like a urine sample which results in a more accurate drug test. In order to successfully cleanse the saliva or blood molecules, there are mouthwashes and rinses available which are quick acting, and the results remain for a certain period of time.

The products should however be tested at home before appearing for the cotton swab drug test, as the results vary from individual to individual, depending on various factors such as physical condition, history of drug use and the intensity of the drug ingested. The way to give a positive result in any drug test, including a cotton swab test is to be well prepared, know the procedure and take necessary precautions.

Other ways to pass a mouth swab drug test

Drinking lots of fluid, perspiring and urinating frequently is considered the simplest way to beat a drug test assuming you have a few weeks before your drug test. Unfortunately most drug tests are requested on short notice which significantly increases the difficulty of beating a drug test. The most common drugs such as marijuana tend to be fat soluble which is stored in the users body fat and gradually released into the system as the fat cells burn up to produce energy. The body will naturally remove these toxins through sweating and urinating depending on your metabolism and physical activity.

There is always the chance of human error or mishandling which may cause inaccurate results on your mouth swab drug test which has the possibility of destroying careers. If you have any doubts during self-cleansing then we recommend testing yourself at home with our saliva drug test as a precaution.