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OrAlert Saliva Drug Test ($13.95)

OrAlert Saliva Drug Test

OrAlert saliva drug test is a simple drug screening technique that is difficult to tamper with as the donor if the saliva sample remains under observation, thereby ensuring accurate and reliable results. It is less intrusive method of drug testing compared to a urine drug test and is superior in quality compared to an ordinary oral swab drug test. Furthermore, a saliva drug test most accurately detects recent drug use. The OrAlert drug testing kit is capable of detecting six drugs and drug categories in the donor's saliva. This remarkable kit can now be ordered online.

  • No need for urine collection
  • Avoids gender-specific collection issues
  • Test for 6 drugs
  • Eliminates collection site costs
  • Helps eliminate adulteration
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • No dropper or collection vials needed