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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Urine drug tests use different methods for detection of drugs in the body. Thus, there are different ways to pass a urine drug test. Urine samples are collected for sending them to the laboratory for detection of the drug. As a rule, lab technicians collect 60 ml of urine under a process called immunoassay. The process involves, a lab technician using a substance, which reacts with the drug content in the body to give indications in the form of change in color, density or pH in the urine sample.

In case the test fails because of immunoassay, another test takes place known as spectrometry or chromatography test. The process of these test involves separation of all the chemicals found in the urine. This urine test can breakdown your urine sample to find the quantity of each toxin found. Mass spectrometry is an expensive test in comparison to immunoassay. Chromatography test requires a delicate instrument and takes a long time to conduct. Lab technicians mainly use immunoassay to detect drugs in urine as a way to save costs and reduce the time to deliver drug test results.

Different Ways to Pass Your Drug Test

There are many different ways to pass a drug test. The first thing you may do to pass your drug test is to drink plenty of water. This helps in diluting the urine sample. Another method to pass the urine test is by using someone else's urine sample. Use of poppy seeds also helps in altering the results of this test.

With addition of water to the urine sample, the color and smell of the urine sample changes and the test shows a drug-free urine sample. Lab technicians test the creatine levels later. When the urine sample is diluted, levels of creatine drop drastically, which helps you pass the test.

To use another person's urine is very risky and difficult. There are two reasons for it. The first issue you may face is how to find another person's urine and second is how to bring the temperature of that urine to normal. This process may make you a bit nervous and is not hygienic.

Irrespective of their downsides, these two ways will help you pass your next drug test. Another method to pass the urine drug test is Detox drugs, which are easily available in the market.

Intake of drugs become evident in urine, because whatever you consume is broken down and, then passed through the liver and, then through kidneys to pass out from the body. Detox drugs help in reducing the levels of drugs in the body and pass the urine drug test with confidence

Natural Ways to Pass a Urine Drug Test

The natural way to pass a drug test is to clean the body of toxins. Keep your system clean. Drink lots of water and urinate frequently.

Do not exercise before the test, because exercise burns the fat and releases chemicals in the urine that may be detected without cleaning the system. Eat foods that are rich in protein to maintain a reduced creatine level in your body.

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