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Saliva Drug Testing - Drug Testing Kits

Saliva Drug Test Pack ($55.95)

Saliva Drug Test Pack

This value package is recommended for people who need to pass a saliva drug test. Value package includes:

(1) One Saliva Drug Test
(1) One Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash
(1) One packet of Saliva Pre-Cleanse Capsules


500% Money Back Guarantee!

Saliva Detox Mouthwash Instructions:

Achieving Optimal Results

Supreme Klean Saliva Mouthwash™ mouthwash effectively cleanses toxins from your mouth. Easy to use. Just swish and spit. If you are subject to oral saliva drug testing with a swab, make sure you are prepared. This mouthwash is highly effective. Place in mouth and swish for 2-3 minutes. Your mouth will now be coated with solution and saliva will be clean of toxins for approximately 30-40 minutes. Extended effectiveness for up to 30 minutes. This product will save you in a pinch!! 200% 2-Times Money Back Guarantee. Works every time!

More information located on the Saliva Mouthwash Product Page.