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Drug Testing – An Effective Strategy in Catching Drug Users

Written on 08 Jan 2015 at 04:26 pm

For catching the drug users among the newly entrant or prospective employees or among the characters apprehended by the law enforcement agencies, drug test is considered to be an effective strategy. Is it really effective in catching the drug users?

Till date one of the best strategies for catching the drug users is putting the person concerned to a drug test. Such strategies are adopted by employers, institutions, as well as the law enforcement agencies. People who pass the drug tests have their career prospects open and can hope for consistent improvement in it. On the other hand people who fail to pass the drug test have to wait another year to get their career prospects in place.

Effective but not Insurmountable

While drug testing strategy for catching the drug user is effective it may not be insurmountable. Over the years the testing methods and the ways of meeting them have all undergone sea changes. With improved method for drug testing, the processes have become much more accurate and reliable. However, despite all the improvements in the realms of drug testing, they are not insurmountable. Just as drug testing constitutes an effective strategy for catching drug users, counter strategies can be developed for beating the drug tests.


Beating the Drug Test

Some people consider use of home remedies for beating the drug test but these remedies can never work well. Instead it would be good using some reliable and reputable company products like the Supreme Klean ultra detox drinks, flush capsules, pretox capsules or ultra detox mouth wash and ultra detox shampoo to address the issues relating to different types of drug tests. One has to keep in mind that old tricks have gone obsolete and outdated and fake penis, replacement of urine or using vinegar or other shampoos may not work well for the candidate. On the other hand use of the verified products will make the drug test results assured. Use of these quality products will not only remove drug traces and contaminants from urine, saliva, blood, or hair follicle but will also spare the candidate the possible humiliation he or she might face when caught in the drug test.


Issues in Drug Testing

Employers and test administrators opting for drug testing at workplace have several issues to address. However the most difficult proposition is the strict federal regulations for drug testing at workplace. Another problem as pointed out by the SAMHSA is that programs are mostly on their own in deciding the types of tests to be conducted. However the most preferred tests are urine and saliva drug tests because of their simplicities and inexpensive nature. But the same attributes also make them easy prey for cheaters who can use various methods to beat the drug test and the best one is using quality detoxifying products that will either remove drug traces from the body or mask them well over the probable test period.


Drugs that are target of testing include heroin, PCP, cannabinoids, methamphetamine, and cocaine. The authorities made a conscious decision to keep away the prescription drugs out of the test ambits when supported by the prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

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