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Forensic toxicology: A sophisticated technique for drug testing

Written on 19 Jan 2015 at 09:22 pm

We all have idea of how drug tests are done. There is a particular branch for the detection of drugs and illegal materials in the body, and which is known as Forensic Toxicology. There can be various tests which might give the false negative results. This may be due to different medications. We will discuss here about the Forensic Toxicology.

Forensic Toxicology has become very important in determining the presence of legal or illegal drugs in the body. Before we discuss further we should first know what it actually is.

What is Forensic Toxicology..?

It is basically a branch that deals with the detection of the drugs and other poisons in the body. It uses very sophisticated methods to check the toxic materials in the body.

  • It checks the presence of legal or any illegal drugs and also the poisons in body.
  • After that it detects the composition of chemical substances in it, like from what source they have been ingested in the body.

So it is slight different from normal drug testing. Normally if you are checked for the presence of drugs in the body then they will just tell you about whether they are present or not. It checks for the presence of drug metabolites, and then detects the substances absorbed in the body, from various parts of the body. Basically they are taken from the urine and blood samples.

  • Determining the toxins through urine and hair:

The most common toxicology sample can be taken from urine and hair. The urine shows all kinds of toxins in the body. All the metabolites eliminate through body by the urine. You can be asked to give the sample of urine which will be first detected for the presence of metabolites and then they are sent to laboratories further for the testing of how the drugs were ingested min the body.

You can also be asked to give hair follicle test as hair are one such part of body that retain the drugs for longer time as compared to other fat cells. So they give the accurate time and the quantity of drug present in the body.

  • How can different medications give false positive drug test:

There are various medicines that can give a false positive drug tests, they can even imply for the presence of drug tests. In this case if you use forensic toxicology techniques then they would help the test authorities in determining whether the drug presence is shown due to medications or the drug abuse. It is very important to know the causes of false positive results. It is within the rights of employees to ask for the re test if they are sure of the false results.

Basically the forensic toxicology techniques check the further presence of the materials that might be ingested by the employees in order to create negative results. So to take proper precautions can only help in passing a drug test.

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