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How To Pass Hair Follicle Test

Written on 28 Jan 2013 at 06:35 pm

How To Pass A Hair Follicle test

How To Pass A Hair Follicle test

Whenever you hear of a drug test coming up you probably expect it to be a follicle test, because that is becoming one of the most popular types of drug test currently available. The reason for the popularity of the Hair Follicle Drug Test lies in its accuracy. Then there is also the fact that the follicle test detects drug usage that goes back a few months. Yet another great advantage of the Hair Follicle Test is the fact that it cannot be got around that easily. Again from the point of view of ease of collection of the hair sample and the non invasive nature of it, this test is ideal.

Hair Follicle test – One may imagine that the easiest way of beating a hair follicle test is by shaving off one’s hair from the head, but the fact of the matter is that the hair can be taken from other parts of the body. And who would be that stupid person, who would walk into a testing center with shaven eyebrows? Besides it might be counter – productive, to not give a sample of head- hair because samples from other parts of the body can show traces of drug use that go all the way back a whole year. This is 90 days for tests carried out on hair samples taken from the head.
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Now if you think that you can around a hair follicle drug test by using a masking agent on the hair, you might as well as forget it, for these tricks do not stand a chance with the latest methods of testing. The only way that you can get a negative result is if you can expunge the toxins from the hair. This can be achieved though if one were to use products like Ultra Klean Detox Drink or Zydot Ultra Clean Hair Purifying Shampoo.
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Alternatively if one has the required time on one’s hands one can try and expunge the toxins naturally. This can be vastly aided, if one were to stop doing drugs and take to a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating a high fiber diet, and drinking lots of water. Exercise too would help. All of these measures would help increase the rate of metabolism of the body that in turn will help the body expel the toxins faster. What would probably make the process faster would be the consumption of home products like lemons, vinegar and cranberry juice.
Pass Follicle test

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