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Pass Nicotine Screening Test

Written on 30 Jan 2013 at 05:30 pm

Pass Nicotine Screening Test

Best Ways To Pass Nicotine Screening Test

Are often carried out by insurance companies to determine the quantum of premium to be charged. There are myriad ways in which one can test for nicotine use. Nicotine will stay in your system for up to 72 hours by some accounts. Other schools of thought claim that it stays there for many weeks.
Nicotine Test that uses urine to detect usage can do so in up to 4 days. Blood tests can do so for up to 5 to 7 days. Nicotine tests using saliva can detect usage for up to 10 days. And hair drug testing can do it for even longer than 10 days.
Now that one knows the time lines involved one could take an informed decision on how to prepare one’s self for the test. For example if one has the time, one could try and detox the natural way by drinking as much water as one can. Secondly one could switch to a high fiber diet and exercise regularly. This will make one’s rate of metabolism climb and one will be able to expel toxins from the body that much faster.
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On the other hand if one does not have that kind of time available one might want to use a detox drink which will temporarily detox the body long enough for you to pass the test. A prime example of such a product is Ultra Klean Detox drink .

Thus we see you needn’t really be feared if you are armed with the facts. However if you are still a little apprehensive, you can buy home drug testing equipment and test yourself at home and find out your chances of passing the test. You will then come to know whether you need to detox naturally or need to take recourse to a detox drink.
One might imagine that detox drinks are required only by those who smoke or do drugs. But think again. What if the OTC medicines that you use make you test positive? In such a case a detox drink would be your savior too. The fact of the matter is that the drug testing regime is high handed and indiscriminate and one does not know who might get the wrong end of the stick. Detox products in such a scenario are a big relief to so many regular people who would suffer otherwise.

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So the next time you are up against a drug test of any type, weigh your options and take the right decision. There is no need to panic or hyperventilate for help is right here at with just a detox product away. In the eventual analysis if you decide that you would like to clean up your act that would be a great thing. But in the meantime you can take the necessary measures to pass such drug tests.

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