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Methadone Drug Test – How To Pass

Written on 30 Jan 2013 at 06:09 pm

How To Pass Methadone Drug Test

There are so many drug tests happening these days and Pass drug test is one of them. Though not all that prevalent, methadone test does take place. And the best way for one to beat the test in case that it does take place is to drink plenty of water in the lead up to the test and try and expel it with the urine. If need be you can also try using cranberry juice.

If you are still not sure and feel that you will probably flunk a drug test you can go ahead and use a detox product. A popular choice is Ultra Klean Detox drink, which will give you enough time to be able to detox long enough for you to clear a methadone drug test.
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If you want to detox naturally and have the time to do so start with giving up the drug and make a lifestyle makeover. This would involve eating a high fiber diet, drinking lots of fluids and exercising regularly. What this accomplishes is a high rate of metabolism which in turn is able to detox the body naturally.

In today’s era of frequent drug testing, it would be difficult to pass each and every drug test that one is asked to take. There might be occasions when you will fail because of some medication that you might be under the influence of. Or someone spiked your drink. In such circumstances detox products are a life saver. However one can on one’s part exercise caution when it comes to intoxicants, even if one is a very rare user. This is because a drug test may not be able to make that distinction.

So the next time you take a drug test or any other drug test make sure that you have detoxified the traces of the drugs being tested for from your body. Whether the means you used to detect the drug was a detox product or a natural process; what really matters is that you be successful in your endeavor.

If you are able to figure out as to what is the best way to pass these drug tests, do share your experience with the others on the internet for out there are so many people who are not quite sure, as to how to handle a drug test you can also visit

One should also try and advocate that the authorities adopt a more rational drug testing regime, rather than the present indiscriminate one. A more nuanced and calibrated approach will help them deal with the drug situation far better and with far more sensitivity. At present people have no choice but to turn to detox products to ensure that they don’t suffer from the severe consequences of a failed methadone drug test.

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