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Overcoming the Difficulties of Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Written on 11 Dec 2014 at 06:28 pm

Various difficulties are associated with drug tests. Whether it is urine, saliva, blood, fingernail, breathe, hair strands, or hair follicle drug test, they can only be passed by overcoming some difficulties. How to overcome the difficulties associated with hair follicle drug tests.

It is not the easiest of the task to pass hair drug test because there are several difficulties associated with them. Among the different types of drug tests, the hair follicle drug test is perhaps the most advanced process and therefore the most difficult to pass out. The question therefore is how to pass a hair sample drug test? There are several issues to be addressed but first of all; it is necessary understanding the science inherent behind the hair drug test.

Science Behind Passing a Hair Follicle Drug Test
People who are interested to know how to pass a hair follicle drug test should first understand the science that works behind the process. Of course no methods can be full proof but some ensure 90%-95% success and they are certainly better than those that guarantee only 40%-50% success rates. The following facts need attention of the prospective candidate.

• Testing laboratories will insist that there are no ways to pass the hair follicle drug test easily.
• Companies producing detoxifying products will always insist that their product will offer 100% success rates.
• Neither of the above two are complete truth but it is true that a combination of healthy life style with quality detoxifying products can work wonders for the prospective candidates.

How to Beat a Hair Drug Test

So; how to beat a drug test? There are several ways to ensure this and some of the processes work better than their other counterparts.
• A hair drug test has the capability to detect the drug traces much longer than other forms of drug tests. The detection period is normally up to 90 days for occasional users and it could extend to over a year in case of the regular users.
• Washing the hair does not easily remove the drug traces from its roots. Hence one needs excellent products that will help remove the drug traces not only from the strands but from the roots of hair as well.
• Products to be used should be commensurate with the drug consumption habits of the user. For instance; the doses and strength of the detoxifying products should be higher for drug consumers round the week in comparison to those using such drugs a couple of days only during the week.
• Home remedies cannot help detoxify the hair roots and actions like vinegar wash or herbal shampoo will only partly cleanse them.
• Using top quality products for detoxification of hairs like the Supreme Klean Ultra Detox Shampoo would be the better solution for the user looking forward to cleansing his or her hair from toxic elements quickly.

Thus when the question is how to pass a drug test in 2 days, the answer is that the prospective candidate needs to resort to a combination of healthy life style, discontinuance of the drug or alcohol consumption and use high quality detoxifying products.

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